Making you and your listings stand out from the crowd!

Every new listing is a chance to market your professional services to thousands of potential buyers and sellers.


  • Shoot time: 30-45 mins on average (2500 sqft.).
  • Processing time: 24 hrs.
  • Short term goal: to fully capture your listing using our unique HDR Photography process, helping you sell the listing while showcasing your marketing ability to hundreds of future clients.
  • Long term result: establishing your brand, what you bring to the table to get the listing over other agents.

The above photos are edited using 3-7 exposures in our 3 stage HDR process (see more in our portfolio).  Photos straight out of the camera often struggle to compromise between bright windows and the dark shadow areas inside.  HDR is a process that helps eliminate this compromise deliver results clearly showing all the detail the human eye would see.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is a post-processing technique for combining multiple exposures, with 3rd-party software or in camera, to create images with a wider range of tonal detail. The resulting HDR image is one with more captured detail in both the shadows and highlights. Most digital cameras today capture a very limited range of tonal detail, the range between minimum and maximum light intensities, so that scenes with dramatic differences between highlights and shadows will not be accurately recorded as one sees with the our own eyes.

How we do this is we shoot 3-7 exposures and then use software to combine those images into a High Dynamic Range image.  Now the only problem is, that High Dynamic Range image is not viewable nor printable on any present day device. So we again use the software to “Tone Map” that High Dynamic Range Image into a Standard Dynamic Range image. We essentially compress that high range image into one viewable and printable by today’s devices.

The end result is a photograph that represents what our eyes would have seen in those conditions that were present when we shot.