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My Real Estate board does not allow branding (name, logo etc) on my multimedia!

We offer each multimedia listing in both branded and unbranded at no additional charge so you are covered everywhere (see example here)

Can additional pages (menu items) be added to the multimedia?

Yes, we can add additional pages such as Information, Brochure or anything else you might want.

How long is my listing multimedia link active for?

We keep it active for around 6 months but can easily reactivate it if you need  (no charge)

Do you offer your videos in HD (high definition)?

Yes, all of our videos are offered in HD – High definition (720p) and SD – Standard Definition (480p) so any connection speed can view them properly.

I have my own YouTube page…how can I get the video you created also upload to it?

We can do it for you no problem but would need you username and password or we can send you the actual file if you want to upload it yourself.

I have a Vimeo account, can my video be added to it?

Yes, same as above either we can do it (with your username and pass) or we can send you the file to do yourself.

The video is choppy when I view it!

We set all the videos to play at HD quality (720p) by default, we want your listing to show at its best!  Some connections might have trouble playing this quality, so you can simply turn HD off by  clicking “HD” on the menu bar of the video to drop down to SD quality (480p).

Can I get a specific order for the photos in the slideshow?

No problem, just let us know by email what order you would like them in and it can be done very easily and the link you were sent doesn’t even change!

Can i get certain photos removed  from the slideshow?

Yes, just email us indicating which photo(s) you want removed

Can I make payment for my invoice online?

Yes, Our automated billing system allows you to pay right from the invoice by following the links.  You can also go to the Pay Online page to use your Paypal account or a credit card.

How do I unzip the photos I downloaded from your email?

On a PC right-click the zipped file and select extract all. By​ ​default, files​ (photos)​ are extracted to a folder in the same location ​as same location the zip file was.

On a Mac, ​​double-click the zip file and the file​s (photos) will be unzipped into a folder in the same location the zip file was.